How to add an account to the Instanobel service - instruction from 01/01/2018

Recently, in the last 2 months we experienced big difficulties in working with the system, the biggest problem was with the addition of accounts in Instanobel! There was also a problem with the release of accounts from the system when they became red! We worked for 2 months until the morning, did not sleep, did not eat, but did an update and fixed the system! Now 99% of accounts are added without problems!

Below is a list of recommendations and rules to follow when adding Instagram accounts to the system!

  1. Disable two-factor authorization in your profile settings
  2. Make sure that your account is attached to the email and phone for confirmation by 6-digit code (if confirmation is required)
  3. Remove your account from all other services and applications (if you have used similar ones before) p.s. - if you do not know whether you used it or not, just change the password on your account - after changing the password your account itself will be deleted from all services and programs
  4. Try adding your account to the Instanobel service in the normal mode by entering your login and password
  5. If Instanobel gives an error adding the account's instagrams - you need to try a few more times (try adding an account 4-8-10 times in a row, this can help.
  6. If the process of adding an account does not end and you can not add your account to our system - try adding an account with a proxy, it is important to use proxies closest to your current location.
  7. Below is a list of proxy providers where you can try to buy a proxy:

Do not forget to confirm your account with a 6-digit code, if required by the instagram. Be patient and attentive. If you have difficulties in adding accounts to the system - write to our tech. support -

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