How to tell if someone blocked you on instagram?

Hello, friends! In the social network Instagram recorded a lot of accounts on different topics, and even more downloaded photos and videos. We subscribe to the pages that we are interested in: it can be friends, various online stores, business accounts, pages where people share their hobbies and much more.

And so, as you usually go to the Instagram to see new publications, open the page of an interesting person ... and there's nothing there! How can this be? Now we'll figure out what that means.

The article about what it means to block a user in Instagram, I already wrote. If you often comment on someone's pictures, insistently write to DIRECT or quarrel with a person, then he can simply block you. This will limit your actions towards him in this social network.

If you have a similar situation, and some person behaves in Instagram incorrectly with respect to you, then I advise you to read the article: how to block a person in Instagram. By the way, you can also delete unwanted subscribers by blocking their pages.

Well, when you decide to restore communication with the blocked user again, all you need to do is find the list and unlock the user in the Instagram.

So, the main reasons why you can be blocked by another user, we considered. Now about how to understand that your page was blocked by another person. I'll tell you an example.

That's what the profile of the person I'm subscribed to looks like to me and it's subscribed to me. I have access to his publications.

I can also see the list of subscribers and subscriptions.

Now he blocked me from his profile. After blocking, I see its page as follows. The top is still shown the number of publications, but I can not see the photos themselves. I can see the profile description. There is even a button "Subscribe", but clicking on it, nothing will happen.

Have noticed, instead of the button "Subscriptions" now "Subscribe", the number of subscribers is 5, and subscriptions 2. This means that the subscription was automatically terminated, and you are now not subscribed to the profile of this person, and he is not subscribed to you.

The number of subscribers and subscriptions is also visible, but if you open any of the lists, it will be empty.

Send a message to DIRECT to the person who blocked you, too, will not work - you send it, but it will not be delivered.

That's how the page for the person who decides to block your profile will change for you. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments.

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