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Bot isn't liking

Nate Young 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 2

So I waited for two weeks to start the bot again because of the like warning. I decreased my limits and erased all settings/promotions. My Insatgram account looks fine no like bans or anything. I'm still not seeing any likes come up on my dashboard for current running promos. The comments and all other features are working but not being able to see or even know if the bot is liking doesn't help me. I think this is a problem from your side and not my settings at this point. Also, did you guys remove the night feature in the settings? I don't see it.

Under review


Sorry for inconvenience!

Due to last changes in Instagram we recommend:

1. Use Proxy app (free) or Buy external Proxy;

2. Do not use Instagram app while Instanobel is working.

Night Pause option was disabled in the settings because it is active by default on all accounts now. 

That is all we can recommend to get better results and not be blocked because of suspicious activity.


Im currently using your proxy app. I don't get why the bot doesn't like at all. It has liked only one photo for an entire day. This shouldn't be because of my account.