My photos got deleted from instagram while I was using your tool

derk.grijp 12 months ago • updated by Andrew 11 months ago 10

Since 10 days I'm using Instanobel. Everything went well until yesterday. All of a sudden I couldn't follow people anymore so I paused the Instanobel bot for a while. I turned it back on after a couple hours and everything seemed to be normal again but one hour later all my uploads and stories where deleted by Instagram except for the first three uploads. I still got all my followers. This is all happening while my subscription of Instanobel running... I want everything to go back to normal.



Instanobel do not delete any data from your account.

Please, write me your account so I will be able to check what was wrong with it.


My account is named Wea......... (cleared). I know that Instanobel won't delete data but I think the Instagram algoritm checked it or so... I would really appreciate it if you could tell me how to fix it.

Some are back right now but still nog all of them....

Need to write to Instagram support. Only they can help you in this case.


Will do. My Instanobel subscription is still running and I don't want to use it right now cause I think Instagram will see that I'm using a bot. Can I get some days back so I can use those days in a week or so?

Do you have an Instgram support mail address for me?

Hi! I have stopped your subscribe in Instanobel.

After you will fix this issue - write me back. We will restore your subscription.

And no, we don't know support email.

Need to find it in log in page in your app.

Hi Andrew, Could you start my subscription again. Looking forward hearing from you!

Could you notify me when you've activated my account?


Had done. Please, check.